10 Actionable Social Media Content Sharing Tips

Social-Media-Content-Sharing-Tips-infographic-sm 10 Actionable Social Media Content Sharing Tips
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If you share or want to share content on your company’s social media profiles, here are 10 tips to help you succeed today.

  1. Use strong headlines or captions to get reader’s attention.
  2. Copy that is clear / emotionally evocative.
  3. When sharing on multiple platforms, optimize how you will present it, i.e., all platforms do not use the same format.
  4. Mix media in posts to increase appeal, e.g., video, images, carousel photos, text, graphics, etc.
  5. Mix content types, e.g., polls, questions, user-generated content.
  6. End with a clear call to action, e.g., comment, share, like, post a photo, etc.
  7. Posting times vary by social media platform.
  8. Keep self-promotional content at about 1/3 of all content.
  9. Encourage employees to share company posts in their profiles.
  10. Use a scheduling tool to preschedule or auto-schedule content.

Headline Writing Tips

  • Use five to nine words
  • Include action words
  • Place your keyword/keyword phrase toward the beginning
  • Use simple words
  • Use a headline generator tool

Optimizing by Platform

  • Avoid using the full character limit per post by platform to allow others to add content when sharing.
  • In longer posts, use paragraph breaks or bullets (great for LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Use the right image size for each platform
  • Use a link shortener to maximize character usage
  • Keep hashtags to a minimum and focus on the main topic
  • Research hashtags before use

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    1. Becky Livingston

      Agreed. Social media sharing is a great way to expand brand reach, increase engagement, and generate leads. It is a marathon though, not a sprint. It take time. 😀

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