10 Reasons Why Social Media Stats Are Important

10-reasons-why-stats-are-important 10 Reasons Why Social Media Stats Are Important

Image: Canva

According to HubSpot, “Over 40% of the world’s population is on social media.”

That’s a big number.

Here are 10 reasons why social media stats are important for any brand.

  1. Demographics (the who for your target market)
  2. Where (determining what platforms, you should be using)
  3. How often (posting frequency)
  4. Business activity (how effective are your posts)
  5. What to post (content development trends)
  6. Maintenance (spring cleaning for old, irrelevant content, e.g., Google+ tips)
  7. Informs tone, message, and media format (currently video is hot!)
  8. Advertising (which social media platform tools are relevant)
  9. Scalability (do your tools scale to meet current social media trends)
  10. Training (if your team’s out of date, so is your social media)

If you need help with your social media efforts, contact me. I’ve been strategizing, implementing, and measuring social media efforts for companies for over a decade.

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