10-reasons-why-stats-are-important 10 Reasons Why Social Media Stats Are Important

10 Reasons Why Social Media Stats Are Important

According to HubSpot, “Over 40% of the world’s population is on social media.” That’s a big number. Here are 10 reasons why social media stats are important for any brand. Demographics (the who for your target market) Where (determining what platforms, you should be using) How often (posting frequency) Business activity (how effective are your […]

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2021-532x266-1 8 Social Media Trends for 2021

8 Social Media Trends for 2021

As one year ends and another begins, I’ve been thinking about what’s next in social media. Based on what I’ve been reading and things my client have been asking me for, I’ve put together this short list. Let me know if you need help with your social media efforts in 2021. AI Marketing and Conversion […]

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frustrated-532x266-1 Facebook Troubles – Adding an Admin

Facebook Troubles – Adding an Admin

Have you ever had trouble adding a new admin to your company page? You’ve tried everything — asking the person to “like” the page; searching for their name in a list of those who liked the page; and even going so far as asking them for their email address. All to no avail.  I recently […]

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Social Media One-Tip Takeaway

I recently moderated the Growth Through Social Media panel at the Women|Future online conference with four fabulous speakers. Below are our Social Media One-Tip Takeaways for small business owners. Download these tips here. Consistency and committed to social media efforts – Sheryl Plouffe Video Strategist, Sheryl Plouffe Media Inc., Care – show that you actually […]

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My Favorite Free Marketing and Social Media Tools

As someone who spends the majority of her time focusing on marketing, social media, and website development, I thought I’d toss out a list of my favorite, free marketing and social media tools. These are great for the novice, experienced, or advanced users. Canva (graphics/video) Pixabay and Unsplash (royalty free images/video) Hemmingway app (helps with […]

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9 Gotta-Have Social Media Profile Elements

If you’re started on a new social media platform or looking to update your existing one, here are nine tips to help you maximize your profile strength. Display your name (or pseudonym). Create an easy-to-type user name and URL (sometimes it’s not your name), e.g., on Twitter, Penheel Marketing isn’t @PenheelMarketing, but @Penheel. It’s shorter […]

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