woman-sleeping-clock Stop Struggling! Social Media Writing Templates for a Simple & Streamlined Writing Process

Stop Struggling! Social Media Writing Templates for a Simple & Streamlined Writing Process

If you are like me, you write a ton of social media posts. Sure, AI can help with those. But what if you want to use your brain instead of a machine?

When you feel the need…the need for speed!

Here are some quick social media writing phrases to craft social media posts quickly.

Problem & Solution


Example: Having trouble growing your email list? Learn how to use Pinterest to get a steady stream of subscribers. Download the free cheat sheet: [link].

Problem, Agitation, & Solution


Example: Still sharing your Facebook posts manually? That’s a lot of time you could be spending on other things. Take back your day with our social media automation tool: [link].

Urgent Problem & Solution


Example: Uh, oh. Google’s algorithm just changed again. Here’s the single most important SEO change you need to make: [link].

Before, After, & Bridge


Example: Cooking the perfect steak used to be hard. We’ve made it foolproof. Here’s how we did it: [link].

Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action


Example: 89%. That’s the chunk of Tara’s web traffic that comes from Pinterest. Learn how to leverage the power of Pinterest to boost traffic to your site: [link].

Features, Advantages, & Benefits


Example: BOLD has more temperature and power settings than any other hair dryer. Get out the door on time every single morning: [link].

The Cliffhanger


Example: We put 7 social media scheduling tools to the test. Find out which one came out on top: [link].

Mix and match them year-round for a fun and exciting social media calendar.

Need help crafting your social media content?

Give us a call. We help CPA firms across the country to stand out on social media with eye-grabbing posts and engaging copy.

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