30-day-blog-challenge-532x266-1 30-Day Accounting Blog Post Challenge

30-Day Accounting Blog Post Challenge

If you take on this blog challenge, you’ll thank me later. I promise. Not only will you create relevant blog content for your audience, you will also be able to break the content into pieces for video clips, social media posts, and more. Plus, you can create a pillar page on your site with all the title and links, which can help drive SEO rankings.

Here’s the challenge.

Write one blog post per day. Blog posts do not need to be long, just 300 words minimum according to Yoast, in order to search engines to index them. Other sites, like SEO.Co and HubSpot, claim 1,000 – 2,100 words is better.

Blog Topics

  1. How to tutorial
  2. Favorite accounting tools list
  3. Case study – how X company optimized its company with accounting practices
  4. Testimonials
  5. Favorite accounting quotes
  6. Expert round up
  7. Client spotlight
  8. Recent tax updates
  9. Comparison (SCorp vs LLC comes to mind)
  10. Infographic (show data or a process graphically)
  11. FAQs
  12. Checklist
  13. Myth busting post
  14. Podcast or Ted Talk review
  15. Q&A Client Emails
  16. Best advice from (family member, teacher, etc.)
  17. Company origin story
  18. Highlight employees
  19. The hidden life of accountants (more than just tax pros)
  20. 10 purchases you didn’t know were tax deductible
  21. How to protect yourself from fraud
  22. Will (current, new, proposed) law affect your business?
  23. Guide to a successful audit.
  24. Benefits and Pitfalls of offshore accounting
  25. Personal checklist for tax day
  26. Business checklist for tax day
  27. Share funny audit or tax stories (you won’t believe these are true!)
  28. Bookkeeper vs Accountant – which do you need?
  29. Company Growth (multi state tax laws, payroll considerations, positioning your company for sale)
  30. Risk management tips (insurance policies, compliance, security, privacy, fraud protection policies, and internal controls)

Want more blog, video, and podcast ideas?

Here are some additional resources and list to check out, plus tools you can use to find new topics for your service industries.

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