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5 Ways to Move Visitors Through Your Content Funnel

You create a lot of content, right? But does it steer consumers to view more content or to become a lead.

If you’re not maximizing your content’s effectiveness, you’ll always be generating new content with limited success.

Here are five ways you can take the content you have and make it work harder for you.

  1. Add links to existing content, such as You Might Also Like This
  2. Develop landing pages with forms, such as a blog -> webinar
  3. Create a collection of items into an “Ultimate” guide.
  4. Build a topic series, drive visitors to the next item with a call to action
  5. Refresh evergreen content with updates and then update the publishing date

These little actions can make a big difference in how visitors consume content and when and how they become a lead.

How will you know? Measure your content’s effectiveness through website analytics and social media profile analytics.

Website Metrics to Track

  • Users – total number and unique number
  • Pageviews – how many pages do people view on average (this should be higher than 1)
  • Conversions – if you do not have metrics on your website tracking downloads, form submits, etc. then add them.
  • Time spent on site – this is a really important number for SEO. The amount of time people spend on your site helps to influence your ranking because when people like content, they spend more time.

Social Media Metrics to Track

Keep in mind why you’re using social media in the first place. If it’s to increase brand awareness, some of these metrics won’t matter, e.g., revenue.

  • Engagement – likes, share, and comments are the most popular.
  • Followers – are you gaining followers on a regular basis? This doesn’t mean hundreds, but adding few each week is helpful.
  • Mentions – how often is your brand being talked about on social media?
  • Top channels – you may find the channel you spend the most time on is not the best performing channel. Take a look and adjust your efforts to the most effective one.
  • Social media conversions – check this on a monthly or at least quarterly basis to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Social media revenue – how much did you make from social media each month or quarter?

Mention.com has a good blog post about the details of each social media metric and more.

Keep this graphic handy as you create or update content to help you move visitors to the bottom of the funnel (BOFU).

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