Listicle-5-Step-Process-532x266-1 Blow Up Your Content Reach With This 5-Step Process

Blow Up Your Content Reach With This 5-Step Process

I just created a checklist blog article for my website, now what?

I love that you’ve created a checklist as a piece of content. Good for you. But now what can or should you do with it?

Here are five things you can do to maximize the checklist’s potential reach and engagement. (pssst…I’m going to put this into practice with this list in fact.) This is also available on our YouTube channel.

Once the content is finalized and ready for the website, do this:

  1. Keep the post’s keyword phrase in mind. For example, this post’s keyword phrase would be “content sharing process.”
  2. At the bottom of the post, add links to other, relevant content on the site, with something like, “Additional Resources” or “More Information for You.”
  3. Create a social media post for each item on the checklist and one with the full list. The post would link back to the article. Sprinkle the social posts into your calendar over a period of weeks (depending on the platform, more frequently if using Twitter).
  4. If you have a YouTube channel, create a playlist or sub-channel for content topics. Then you can post a link to that playlist on social media and use it in future content.
  5. Research current hashtags to include in social media posts (hastagify.me is a good tool). Keep in mind, Facebook and LinkedIn max out at 3 hashtags. Instagram at 30, but focus on 3-7 at most, and Twitter you can have a ton, but avoid more than 5 in a post. Pinterest and YouTube also allow for many tags but keep them focused like you would on Insta or Twitter

Now that you know what to do with a listicle (list article), go out there and blow up your content reach.

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