voice-search-532x266-1 Voice Search’s Influence on Accounting Firm SEO

Voice Search’s Influence on Accounting Firm SEO

voice-search-532x266-1 Voice Search’s Influence on Accounting Firm SEO

Similar to more traditional SEO efforts, voice search relies on queries from keyword commands. For example, if you search for “heal” in traditional SEO methods, you’ll be presented with healthcare and medical information. But, if you were to search for “heal” audibly, the search engine may present you with healthcare information, shoes (heel), or possibly even dog walking (heel).

Once the search engine understands the intent of the keyword phrase of its user, it will refine results based on past searches, as well as new uses. For example, if in the past I’ve asked how to teach my dog to heel, the engine will present me with dog-related results first.

What does that mean for your firm and its search?

A lot!

[ctt template=”3″ link=”ld2Nc” via=”yes” ]Current statistics show that 41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. – dbswebsite.com[/ctt]


For example, maybe your firm’s abbreviated name sounds similar to another word. Let’s say your firm’s website is BRBRCPA.com. Phonetically, it sounds like barber CPA, berber CPA, or even burger CPA. To enhance your voice search ranking, look at the terms used to find your website organically via device. If you’re using Google Analytics you can view the detail on the Google Search Console.

The Conversational Element

Next, voice searches, compared to ones typed into a search box, are usually:

  • More conversational;
  • Longer, and;
  • End with a question.

What can you do on our website to facilitate answers to questions? Create content that answers the most frequently asked questions about products, services, or industries you serve. AnswerThePublic.com, Question Samurai,  StoryBase, SEMRush’s Keyword Magic tool are a great place to start. Simply enter a keyword term or phrase to see access the most-commonly asked questions.

When prepping keywords for voice search, think like a journalist by answering who, what, why, when, where, and how in your content.

You can also phrase content titles as questions, or include questions as headers within the content. Lastly, another way you can maximize voice search is by creating one or more FAQs on your site that answer.

Also, consider long-tail keyword phrases versus shorter or singular terms.

Local Search

According to Neil Patel, local search dominates voice search content. How can your firm capitalize on that? Include the firm’s location (city or county), or “near me” in the site’s code (title, description, internal links, and anchor text).

Additionally, on your firm’s local listing(s) include the phone number for easy access – even after hour times.

Download the Voice Search Activity Sheet to help you increase the effectiveness of your voice search results.

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