8 Easy Content Development Ideas for Small Business Owners

Content-Ideas-infographic 8 Easy Content Development Ideas for Small Business Owners
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If you’re like me, you like content presented to you in chunks, or lists–they’re called “listicles.” I mean seriously, who has time to read paragraphs of content these days?

Convince and Convert claims, “Listicles get the most shares and traffic (up to 2x more than any other types of blog posts), followed by guides and “how to” articles.”

In that vein, I created a simple, easy-to-use list of content development ideas small business owners can use no matter what the business, product, or service.

Download the list. Share it with your team. Begin thinking about what you’ll create to engage your target market and social media followers.

You can get it in a PDF or as an image (great for sharing … wink, wink).

If you need help with content development, strategy, or other marketing solutions, give me a call.

In the meantime, have fun creating some new and exciting content.

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