SEM Best Practices for the DIYer

Printer-Friendly PDF So…you want to take on search engine marketing (SEM) on your own. Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed now that you peeked behind the Google Ads curtain. Maybe you just want to maximize your efforts and ad’s effectiveness to reach your goal. Either way, these six tips should help those who want to […]

7 Awesome Google Ads Best Practices for Success

Printer-Friendly PDF If you’re spending money on text ads in a cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with Google, here are seven best-practice tips to help you succeed. Write 3-4 ads per ad group. Check them on a weekly basis to see what is performing the best. Pause the under-performing ads and enter a new […]

9 Facebook Ad Best Practices

Printer-Friendly PDF There are three text fields in a Facebook ad – headlines that go under the image, main ad text that sits above the image, and the news-feed link description that appears below the headline. Download the Facebook Content Template to help you write within the confines of the ad-copy lengths. When writing ad […]

4 Facebook Messenger Best Practices to Increase Business

Printer-Friendly PDF If your firm uses Facebook as a way to increase engagement with followers, potential clients, and the public, using the Messenger app within the tool can help take that engagement to the next level. Here are four tips you can implement today to increase engagement and to drive more people toward your business. […]

10 Best Practices for a Lawful Social Media Policy

Printer-Friendly PDF Now that more and more businesses are embracing social media in their businesses, let’s talk about social media policies. It’s not  only for the big businesses. Everyone who is using social media in their business should consider writing and sharing a social media policy. Let’s get started. What is a social media policy? […]

AAM Summit Newsletter Best Practices Samples

If you attended the 2013 Association for Accounting Marketers Summit, held in conjunction with the AICPA’s Practitioners Tech Conference in Las Vegas, you were exposed to some great information and amazing networking opportunities. Our founder, Becky Livingston, hosted the Newsletter Best Practices table where best practice newsletter samples were shared from firms—both large and small—from around […]