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AI-Trifecta-532x266-1 15 Tools for the AI Trifecta

15 Tools for the AI Trifecta

This list was originally shared by Shushant Lakhyani on Twitter (@shushant_l). I do not have personal experience with each of them, but plan to check out several. How about you? SEO expert: https://www.rankwizardai.com YouTube Learning: https://eightify.app/ Meetings assistant: https://fireflies.ai Marketing assistant: https://writesonic.com Coding assistant: https://codesquire.ai Workspace management: https://www.notion.so To-do list: https://www.taskade.com Email Assistant: https://inboxpro.io Website […]

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SEO-Audit-Case-Study-532x266-1 SEO Audit Case Study

SEO Audit Case Study

Many my clients have completed an SEO Audit and implemented several SEO recommendations on their website that have yielded higher traffic results for them. The audit costs around $750 – $1000 depending on the site depth. Then there’s the costs for implementation of recommendations, which are billed hourly. Here’s an example:  One of my clients

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ChatSpot-532x266-1 How Create a Blog Post With ChatSpot

How Create a Blog Post With ChatSpot

Are you looking to create an engaging and captivating blog post? Creating a captivating blog post has never been easier. Look no further than HubSpot’s ChatSpot! Step-by-Step Guide With step-by-step instructions, this AI application allows you to easily navigate the process of crafting a blog post that will grab your readers’ attention. First, log in

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