4 Facebook Messenger Best Practices to Increase Business

If your firm uses Facebook as a way to increase engagement with followers, potential clients, and the public, using the Messenger app within the tool can help take that engagement to the next level. Here are four tips you can implement today to increase engagement and to drive more people toward your business. Leverage the […]

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Spring Cleaning for Your Facebook Account Settings

If you’re like me, you take Facebook quizzes, polls, and personality tests, and may even play games on the platform. When you do these fun, time passers, you may be exposing your Facebook account to potential distribution of your personal information.   Checking your Facebook Apps settings now and again is a good practice. If […]

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Email-marketing-feature-image Standardized Email Format Increases Client Engagement

Standardized Email Format Increases Client Engagement

Spend less time writing emails and gaining information from clients by using a standardized email format rather than a “wall of text”. Instead of asking clients what to do next; provide them with the steps they need to take. After all, they look to you for advice and guidance. What should be included: Greeting. Make […]

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Spring-Cleaning-Marketing-Tips-Feature-Image 8 Spring Cleaning Marketing Tips To Refresh Your Efforts

8 Spring Cleaning Marketing Tips To Refresh Your Efforts

Spring is just around the corner, and just like what you do with your home, consider ways to freshen up your marketing efforts for the second half of the year. Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to your goals? If not, dust off the things that have worked in the […]

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3 Fun Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

You’ve been using social media efforts at your firm for a while, but just aren’t getting the kind of traction you’d like for your efforts. Here are three ways to engage your social media audience that goes beyond great headlines and blog posts. Before you begin, take a look at your social media analytics to […]

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The SEO Six-Pack for CPAs and Small Business Owners

When it comes to getting your smaller accounting firm found online, you might feel a little like David against Goliath. But, you don’t have to. There are many things you can do to get your firm in the spotlight, just like the big guys. Here are several suggestions you can implement quickly to help increase […]

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