blogging-532x266-1 Is your blog working hard enough?

Is your blog working hard enough?

blogging-532x266-1 Is your blog working hard enough?
If you spend a lot of time blogging, but just aren’t getting any leads, there is something missing from your efforts.

Below is a list of 10 ways to make your blog work harder for you and to generate leads.

  1. Blog summary downloads
  2. Slide-in call-to-action bar
  3. Margin banners that lead to high-profile services (like this one =>)
  4. Exclusive blog content (gated behind a form)
  5. Creating blog content that builds to the bottom-of-the-funnel lead (begin with generic topical content, in the middle use a case study or example, and at the end create an opportunity piece to call, register, or complete a form)
  6. Offer content upgrades (gated content with membership filter)
  7. Link to additional resources on each blog to help drive toward lead conversion
  8. Create listicles (list articles) are one of the most read blog content types (like this article)
  9. Connect blog content to lead magnets (downloadable content, usually from links within the blog or as an additional resource)
  10. Develop helpful, downloadable content like tip sheets, checklist, infographic, process diagrams, and more that require a form.

Want more tips? Here are some of our best.

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