My Favorite Free Marketing and Social Media Tools

free-tools-532x266-1 My Favorite Free Marketing and Social Media Tools
Image: Canva

As someone who spends the majority of her time focusing on marketing, social media, and website development, I thought I’d toss out a list of my favorite, free marketing and social media tools.

These are great for the novice, experienced, or advanced users.

  1. Canva (graphics/video)
  2. Pixabay and Unsplash (royalty free images/video)
  3. Hemmingway app (helps with writing /readability)
  4. Grammarly (I’m amazed at the errors I make.)
  5. Headline generators (title-generator.com, com, seopressor.com)
  6. Social media optimizer (helps with writing effective posts)
  7. me (for popular hashtag by platform and it gives top influencer handles)
  8. Twitter lists

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Share the love. What tools are you using?

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