Frightful-B2B-532x266-1 7 Frightful B2B Halloween Marketing Ideas

7 Frightful B2B Halloween Marketing Ideas

When it comes to B2B marketing ideas for the ultimate fright-night, keep ideas bite-sized and easy to digest. Carve out some time to create a fun-filled campaign bound to startle your clients and have them screaming for more. Here’s how. Snackables – Create an odd number of social media posts to share throughout the month. […]

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Google-form-532x266-1 How to Make Google Forms for Free

How to Make Google Forms for Free

If you’re looking for an easy way to create forms for your website, emails, or event, give Google Forms a try. All you need is a free Gmail account Forms are a great way to collect data about your target market. With the new, marketing data privacy laws for mobile devices and social media, this […]

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2021 Content Development Strategy for CPAs

You’re about to launch into a new year. Have you been thinking about your business goals? I hope so. Once you have them nailed down, consider how marketing and social media can support those efforts. Here is a simple content development strategy that can help your firm reach its goals throughout the year. Begin with […]

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10 Actionable Social Media Content Sharing Tips

If you share or want to share content on your company’s social media profiles, here are 10 tips to help you succeed today. Use strong headlines or captions to get reader’s attention. Copy that is clear / emotionally evocative. When sharing on multiple platforms, optimize how you will present it, i.e., all platforms do not […]

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24 Days of Content to Fill Your Social Media Calendar

Stumped for content ideas for your social media feed? We have the answer! Here are 24 different ideas to help you fill your social media calendar. Download and share the infographic too. Refresh & Re-post: Dust off relevant content and add a new photo. Then reshare it. Case Study: Share a client success story, including […]

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Does my website need a blog?

Arguments for and against from experts in the marketing and SEO field. What this boils down to really, is what you want to use the blog for, your business goals, and ability to manage content. Download or print this infographic to help you decide. SEMRush recently asked the Twitter-verse, “Does every website need a blog? […]

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