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LinkedIn Ad Tips from 10 Experts

If you’re considering your first LinkedIn ad campaign, you’ll want to read this first.

@AdrienneNakohl asked on Twitter, “I’m about to try ads on LinkedIn. What should I know before I publish?” Here are the responses she received from ten marketing and social media experts.

10 Experts Responded

It’s expensive, but often it’s (almost) justifiably expensive. Just don’t be shocked by high CPC/CPM. Also, avg. CTR for LI ads is something like 0.39%. The value/quality of the leads you get compared to other platforms, however, is waaay above anything else. @AlixSocial

Use lead forms @alischwanke

Replies + conversions through the roof. @BenoitDubos

  • Design a >2k person audience on LI ads
  • Head over to Sales Navigator
  • Design the same audience (most filters are the same)
  • Launch awareness campaign on LI ads (cheaper)
  • Shoot leads an automated invite via direct message

Great to build a strong Lead Gen funnel, based on targeted outreach. But no algorithm is going to do your targeting for you. You’ve gotta know who you’re going for, why & how. @peter_skylight

It can get pricey. It’s a highly targeted but expensive awareness play. Get a good sense of what you’d consider success. CTRs aren’t the same as your audience doesn’t go to LI with the same mind set they do FB or IG. @jam_khan

Set a daily budget not lifetime. The “lifetime” will be 2 days if you’re not careful. @AmaliaEFowler

Monitor your ad budget closely as it is easy to spend all your $$$ very quickly. @jessicamalnik

Try re-targeting folks who have visited specific pages on your website with additional similar content or May be a signup. I have seen better results with re-targeting than with a new audience. @rahulvsd

If you done FB ads it’s v. different. It doesn’t do targeting like FB. You have to get your own targeting right. We got it done professionally. It’s also much more expensive per conversion than FB. But for your B2B play, the leads should be better quality. @theclearhead

Keep ‘em in the app. When I put more good content in the ads and (ultimately) took away the landing pages, performance went up. @rocket_4457

If you’re planning a LinkedIn ad campaign, these tips might help you avoid spending too much, missing opportunities, or wasting time.

Do you have any LinkedIn ad tips? Please share them in the comments.

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