Resolution-532x266-1 11 Digital Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

11 Digital Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

You cannot have a resolution, without “u.”

It’s that time of year when goal setting and resolutions are on your mind. Here are 11 to consider for your company as the new year begins. Remember to tie them to your company’s goal to help make them even more impactful.

  1. Build buyer personas: Here are three buyer persona hacks you can use to reach your target audience. (You can also view this as a video on our YouTube channel.)
  2. Establish your brand story and tell it through great content. HubSpot offers this guide and examples on how to tell a compelling brand story.
  3. Set measurable content goals. Whether it’s marketing or social media goals you want to track, here are some metrics and tips to help you maximize effectiveness.
  4. Run a content audit. Semrush provides a step-by-step guide to conduct an audit. It includes five, essential steps you need.
  5. Discover the topics your audience cares about the most. Content Marketing Institute offer 22 ideas for content marketing that connects with your audience. You know you need this!
  6. Optimize your content for search engines (and your readers). Here are four steps to help ensure SEO-friendly content, no matter where you’re posting it.
  7. Pick the best content distribution channels. Ironically, content distribution is based on your marketing goals, such as leveraging influencers, email subscription list generation, organic social media reach, paid distribution, and more. The Content Marketing Institute comes through again with “How To Choose the Best Distribution Channels for Your Content.”
  8. Use tools and templates to automate each step of the process. HubSpot share this list of the best 15 automation tools marketers should be using. Are you using any of them?
  9. Try adding more user-generated content to your social media posts. Sprout Social shared a list of 5 steps you can use to turn customers into advocates. Come on, you can do five steps, right?
  10. Protect your brand integrity by trademarking your business name. ChannelSight shares how brand integrity impacts sales, promotes advocacy, and more.
  11. Identify which social media channels are really working for you (and which aren’t). Hootsuite just released its “16 Key Social Media Metrics to Track in 2023” benchmarks report. Use it to help guide you toward the metrics you should be tracking.

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