7 Hacks to Increase Instagram Reach and Engagement

If you’ve been loading up your company’s Instagram posts with hashtags, you may be disappointed to learn that hashtags are not the be-all-end-all way to get found on this busy platform.

7 Instagram Hacks

Here are seven hacks you can use today to increase reach and engagement tomorrow without relying on those pesky hashtags.

  1. Know when to post. Do you know the best time to post on your Instagram channel? It’s different for every brand. Be sure to review your analytics to determine the best days and times to post.
  2. Share original content on Stories and Reels. If your posting schedule is limited throughout the week, use the posts you have and share them as Stories or Reels. Increase engagement and clicks by applying an Instagram Stories Sticker.
  3. Use more Reels. Simply review the posts you already have and choose a few that would make good Reels (tap the Reels icon in the bottom menu). Then add audio, stickers, and other features to make it pop.
  4. Carousel posts with multiple images can be fun. Add an exciting title image, then a few posts with content, and include a call to action at the end. See example below.
  5. Tag products in your posts, you can even do this if you provide services. It works well for testimonials and customer reviews, plus several other uses.
  6. Collaborate with others by including their profile handle in your posts and using collaboration tools. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on Reels and posts. It would work well if you presenting with others or an organization to help increase reach, brand awareness, and engagement.
  7. It might seem obvious, but respond to comments people make on your posts. It’s also helpful to comment on other people’s content.

Example Carousel Post

I created a five-part carousel that helps business owners to grow their social media presence. It stars with a title slide, includes a discussion point, then moves into the 13 points. It ends with a call to action to visit the website. I could have added a shortened link that was easy to remember as well.

Once the images were designed, I wrote the post copy and included a few targeted hashtags.

13 Tips to Maximize Your Social Media Content – From repurposing to collaboration, we’ve got you covered. Which is your favorite tip? #ContentDevelopment #SocialMediaStrategy #DigitalMarketing

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