social-media-channels GA4 Traffic by Channel and Social Media Grouping Report

GA4 Traffic by Channel and Social Media Grouping Report

If you’ve viewed the channel report on Google Analytics GA4, it’s not quite as detailed as you might like or are used to. If you’re like me, you want to see more data, such as the social media channels driving traffic to your site.

How to create a GA4 Channel and Social Media Grouping Report

  1. On the left navigation, click Acquisition > Acquisition Overview.
  2. Click “View traffic acquisition: session default channel…” link in the bottom box (yours may be located in another area)
  3. When the report screen opens, change the reporting date in the top, right corner.
  4. In the top, right column click the edit pencil to customize the report.
  5. Next, click the blue plus sign next to “Session default channel grouping”
  6. Click Traffic Source > scroll down to Session Source/medium; a new column will appear.
  7. Then in the top, right corner, click Metrics.
    1. Select the metrics you want to view.
    2. To delete a metric, click the X.
    3. To add a metric, click + Add Metric and choose the options you want.
    4. Then Apply.
  8. Once the report houses all the items you want, click Save As a New Report. Change the name of the report.
  9. To add the report to your left, sidebar navigation, click the Back button.
  10. Clicks Reports then Library in the bottom, left corner.
  11. In the Life cycle box, click Edit collection.
  12. Search for your new report in the second box. Drag it to the Topics and Reports section where you want to view it. Click Save to current location.
  13. Click Back. From your left navigation bar, you should see the new report under the Life cycle topic where it was placed.

View your new reports.

  1. Login to your Google Analytics Account.
  2. Under Properties and Apps, choose the GA4 view.
  3. From the left navigation bar, click the Reports icon (looks like a graph).
  4. In the top, right corner, change the reporting date to the dates you want to review.
  5. From the left navigation bar, choose the report you want to view. When you’ve found it, click the Share icon in the top, right corner.
  6. Choose to share the file via a link, or download the file as a PDF or CSV file. The file will save to your downloads folder.

Reports commonly viewed:

  • Acquisition > Overview, Traffic Acquisition and Traffic by Channel and Social Media
  • Engagement > Overview, Events, Content by Pages, and Campaigns
  • Demographics > Overview, Demographic Details, and Traffic by Country/City
  • Tech > Devices and Tech Details

Sharing Reports

Unfortunately, scheduled reports are unavailable in GA4—currently. So, you’ll have to email the reports when you need to share them. They are available as an email link directly from GA4, or you can download a PDF or CSV file and share it via your own email program.

Where’s my GA4 ID?

  • Go to your GA4 property and click on “Admin” on the bottom left.
  • Under “Property,” click “Data streams.”
  • Click on “Web.”
  • Click on your web data stream name.
  • Your measurement ID is in the top right.

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